“Oisín’s Story”

Here is a link to RTÉ Radio's Documentary on One on Prader-Willi Syndrome: "Oisín's Story": From the RTÉ website: Oisín O'Neill is the best in his family at feeding the chickens, dancing with abandon and keeping everyone to their routines. He's a slender boy of eight, with the whitest of white blond hair. Oisín … Continue reading “Oisín’s Story”

“Would You Believe: Dara” (RTE) From the RTE website: Dara Meyler is an engaging, determined 13-year-old who lives with his family in the Dublin suburbs. Most people wouldn't spot anything unusual upon first meeting him, but he is unusual in that he never eats sweets or chocolate - his treat has always been a diet yoghurt. In fact, Dara … Continue reading “Would You Believe: Dara” (RTE)