Enjoy your Baby being a Baby!

Love your child and see their development like you would without the diagnosis.

Talk to another parent who has been through it.

Link with PWSAI in the early stages.

Find your PWS Tribe – parents of kids similar in age who understand. (There are lots of online private groups, PWSAI can link you!)

Attend counselling, there are so many challenging emotions to go through.  Speaking to a professional, can help immensely, even if for just a few sessions.

Stop reading and believing online stories that may be outdated and/or not relevant to you!

Digest the diagnosis yourself before trying to explain to family and friends.

Don’t dwell on what your child might not achieve, focus on what you can help them achieve!

Don’t let the diagnosis get in the way of seeing your babies own personality develop!

From parents of children with PWS in Ireland