If you are a parent, teacher, Principal or SNA and have a query relating to the education and support of a person with PWS in an educational setting, please contact PWSAI  to arrange to be put in contact with our Education sub committee. Email info@pwsai.ie 

Taken from our Introduction to Prader Willi Syndrome section: What educational needs do people with PWS have?

In the past, children with PWS were generally directed towards special schools that catered only for children with special needs. In recent years with the move towards integrating children with special needs into mainstream schools, parents have been able to explore other options for educating their child with PWS. Some children with PWS do very well in special schools and some children do very well in mainstream schools.

Regardless of their intellectual ability, PWS children need constant supervision in school to ensure that they do not have inappropriate access to food. They may need assistance with their school work.  Because of physically challenges such as their small size, weak muscle tone and weight, they may also need assistance both in the classroom, in PE and in the playground. They may also need a range of behavioural and emotional supports.

Information on teaching and learning tips for children with PWS can be found on the NCSE website at the links below



PWS Students: Tips for Teachers


Click here to download the following article: ‘Educating Students with Prader-Willi Syndrome’, by Educational Psychologist, Colin Reilly (2009)

PWS is a complex condition that has implications for the way a person with PWS learns in educational settings. The National Council for Special Education (NCSE) is an initiative of Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education and Skills, funded by the Irish Government. The NCSE includes this description of PWS on their website, as well as these links and recommended readings.