Visual schedules are a great tool to have to help a person with PWS.

Visuals can help to decrease anxiety and rigidity surrounding transitions by communicating when certain activities will occur throughout the day or part of the day.

Having a predictable schedule decreases anxiety, promotes focus and attention, and allows for the person with Prader-Willi syndrome to navigate easily through their day. A daily routine and schedule does not mean that every day needs to be exactly the same, it simply means that the day’s events need to be reviewed ahead of time so the person knows what to expect.

Holidays, vacation days, and school closures can be extremely stressful for the person with PWS. Knowing what to expect on those days allows them to remain calm even when their schedule is different. This is especially true about the menu for their day. Write it down, go over it ahead of time, and allow for questions regarding portion size and time. People with PWS often live with Executive Functioning Disorder. Coupled with OCD-like tendencies, this can make for a lot of confusion and stress. A written schedule including meals will alleviate the anxiety and allow for success.

Source: Latham Centers

The below documents can be printed or if you need them posted to you within Ireland, please contact We can also individualise the documents for specific interests, colours, etc.,

A “Now and Next” chart supports a person to understand what will be happening and the order that this will happen.

Tip: Laminate, so you can stick activity images on when needed

Download pdf: Now, Next

The Now, Next chart can be expanded to include ‘Then’

Tip: Laminate, so you can stick activity images on when needed

Download pdf: Now, Next, Then

Here is a selection of activities. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need an activity that is not here. Contact

Download pdf: Activity Cards

Tip: Laminate so printed images last longer.

Throughout Prader Willi Syndrome Awareness month (May 2023) we will be updating the website with more resources eg. Meal planner, reward charts, routines. Watch this space!