Exercise is very important for people with PWS.

People with PWS have less muscle mass which means they can put on weight easily. To help maintain a healthy weight, it is advised to add exercise into the daily routine. Make it a habit.

How to support a person with PWS with exercise?

– Vary the activity to keep it interesting.

– Join in.

– Add motivation: a challenge to fill a daily exercise chart, a goal to to increase the minutes of walking or a further distance.

Incidental exercise counts too. That’s all the moving you do in the day eg. going up and down the stairs, mowing the grass, standing up to turn on the light.. all movement add ups.

Can you add more incidental exercise into the day?

– Take the stairs, not the lift.

– Park further away from the school/shop

-Help wash the car or weed the garden.

Anything that involves moving and expending extra energy will be beneficial to a person with PWS.

If you need a different number of weeks, please get in touch. If you’re living in Ireland and need some trackers posted, just ask. They can be themed to suit the individuals interests.

Sources: IPWSO and Exercise and physical activity for the child with PWS (available to download below)