Galway Cycle 2014


In October 2013 PWSAI received the wonderful news that it had been nominated as the Galway Cycle Charity for 2014. The cycle is organised by Maynooth Students for Charity and has been taking place for over 25 years. Since its inception it has raised over €1,000,000 for Irish charities. The 2014 Galway Cycle will take place from March 28th-30th and all proceeds will be used to fund the PWSAI Education, Training and Research Initiative.


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In addition to raising funds, the Galway Cycle represents a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about Prader-Willi Syndrome!

We are very grateful to all the cyclists, collectors, sponsors and organisers and look forward to a fantastic event in March. We will post updates on the Galway Cycle and events associated with it here and on the PWSAI Facebook page. You can also follow the Galway Cycle on Facebook.

Click on these links to make a donation to the Galway Cycle, to sponsor an individual cyclist, to go to the Galway Cycle webpage and read about past cycles, to see the Galway Cycle on Facebook, or to view all sorts of other GC14 info:

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