Why Join PWSAI?
By joining PWSAI you will strengthen its voice and mandate in seeking to raise awareness and understanding of PWS and to improve the choice and quality of care, education and support for persons with PWS in Ireland.

By joining PWSAI you will ensure that you can influence the priorities of PWSAI.

By joining PWSAI you will be connected with others who have PWS, who have family members or friends with PWS or who have a professional interest in PWS.

By joining PWSAI you will ensure that you receive regular newsletters and other correspondence from PWSAI.

By joining PWSAI you will ensure that you are invited to PWSAI events.

By joining PWSAI you will be contributing towards the financial costs involved in running the association.

To join PWSAI 2021-2024 please fill in the form below

PWSAI offers Individual Membership (with one vote) to all adults aged over 18 with PWS.  PWSAI offers Family Membership (with one vote) to all families in which there is a person with PWS.  PWSAI offers Associate Membership to all other interested parties – e.g. professionals with an interest in PWS or relatives or friends of people with PWS.

PWSAI aims to maintain very low subscription fees to ensure that as many people as possible can join.  However, PWSAI also encourages any members who can afford to make an additional donation towards the running of the association to do so.  If you would like to make a donation to PWSAI please indicate the amount below.

Details of Individual with PWS to whom you are connected

If you are willing for your contact details to be passed on to other families/individuals  who are seeking information about PWS please tick the relevant boxes below.

If you would like to get more involved in PWSAI please tick the relevant boxes below and someone from PWSAI will contact you to discuss.

If you would like more information on online support groups for parents people with PWS or to be added to the PWSAI Updates WhatsApp group, please tick the appropriate boxes below:

Data Protection
Other than to fulfil its legal obligations, PWSAI will not disclose the information you have provided to any third parties without your consent.  By joining PWSAI you are consenting to PWSAI retaining the information you provide.  For more details on how PWSAI will use and protect the information you provide see our Privacy Statement at http://www.pwsai.ie or request a copy using the contact information provided on http://www.pwsai.ie

Please make sure you have added info@pwsai.ie to your contact list in your email provider. The payment link can be found when you submit the form. If you have any problems, please contact Emma, the PWSAI Secretary info@pwsai.ie