Are you in the 2022?

2022 is a huge year for PWSAI

In July we will host the International Prader Willi Syndrome conference.

To celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity we want to get two thousand and twenty two people to move with us in 2022.

Do as much or as little as suits your lifestyle! The challenge is all within!

You can move anytime, anywhere. Everything counts from walking to wrestling, yoga to unicycling, swimming to sailing, dancing to dressage…it’s up to you!

The important bit is to be one of the 2022.
So sign up for only 10euro per person and share your pictures and videos using the hashtag #iaminthe2022
Share to your friends and get everyone you know involved.

We’ll share regular updates of how many people are involved and hopefully with your help we can get to two thousand and twenty two.

Thank you!