Love it or loathe it? Halloween is not for everyone but I’ve always had really fond memories of it from my childhood. When my son with PWS was born, Halloween was the first big event that we came to after his diagnosis. I remember his first Halloween thinking how will we manage this event as he gets older?

Well, like many families with a child with PWS, we don’t just manage it, we love it. Yes, we’ve had to tweak it to suit our son and his specific PW requirements but it is a fun filled celebration that we all really enjoy.

Below are just some of the amazing Halloween ideas I’ve come across to make Halloween a fun and safe celebration for my child with PWS.

The Teal Pumpkin project:

It’s not very well known in Ireland (yet) but together we can all help change that. By placing a Teal pumpkin at the door, this allows Trick or Treaters to know that they can avail of non food treats!

You can read more about the Teal Pumpkin project here

Theme your meals on Halloween! *warning*

This is my son’s favourite thing about Halloween. I started the Halloween Meal theme when he was 4 years old. At 9 years old now, it is expected and really really really looked forward to! I include the warning, as if you’re going to start this… let it be known that you may have to continue forever!

From breakfast to dinner, all our meals have a spooky theme!

I love it and google is your friend. ‘Healthy Halloween food ideas’ throws up lots of creative options!

The Switch Witch comes on Halloween night and removes all the food treats from Trick or Treating. She leaves behind a small gift as a thank you.

Ideas for PWS safe Trick or Treating!

  • Visit neighbours beforehand and give them a bag of treats specifically for your child. This would also be a great chance to fill them in on The Teal Pumpkin project!
  • For my son, he loves to go out the backdoor and knock on our front door to Trick or Treat. He knows he’ll get something that he can eat watching his favourite Halloween movie before bed.
  • Pre plan Trick or Treating with your child with PWS.
    • Let your child know they can take part but you’ll exchange treats they may not be allowed when they get home.
    • Also let your child know that they can have 2 items when they get home and you’ll save the rest or use the Switch Witch!

Everything is possible!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!