The countdown is on! Play-schools, schools and training centres are supporting PWS Go Orange Awareness Day and the PWS 5K!

It all kicks off on Friday 28th May with Go Orange Day for PWS Awareness. This is a worldwide event that is growing bigger every year.

The PWS 5K is taking place 28-30th May. You can do your PWS 5k anytime/anywhere over the weekend. Be active with your friends and family but remember to follow all Covid19 guidelines. Stay safe! More information on signing up here

Stella, from Wicklow, play school is Going Orange and doing a mini version on the PWS 5K! Thanks for sharing your orange T shirt and badge with us Stella, super cute!

Henry, from Galway, school is Going Orange and spreading PWS Awareness! He’s got space on his ‘virtual’ PWS5k team for anyone wishing to join him!

Mark, from Dublin, training centre is taking on the PWS 5K challenge on Go Orange Day! Go Team Mark!!

We can’t wait to see all the photos of family and friends in orange and taking part in the PWS 5km! Don’t forget to send your photos to Emma via email or WhatsApp (email to get Emma’s number if you don’t have it). The photos/videos will feature on PWSAI social media and our website!